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Istorinis faktas:
 Vytautas yra buvęs Čekijos karaliumi husitų karų metu, kol Jogaila negrąžino Čekijos Vokietijai.

 "Bohemia was for a time free from foreign intervention, but internal discord again broke out, caused partly by theological strife and partly by the ambition of agitators. Jan Želivský was on 9 March 1422 arrested by the town council of Prague and decapitated. There were troubles at Tábor also, where a more radical party opposed Žižka's authority. Bohemia obtained a temporary respite when, in 1422, Prince Sigismund Korybut of Lithuania (nephew of King Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland) briefly became ruler of the country. He was a governor sent by Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas, who accepted the Hussite proposal to be their new king. His authority was recognized by the Utraquist nobles, the citizens of Prague, and the more moderate Taborites. Sigismund Korybut, however, remained a short time in Bohemia, as in 1423 he was called to come back to Lithuania, after Jagiello had made a treaty with Sigismund."

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ISSS-IS Client Success Role Model Awards - Q4 2013

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Ugnė išbandė baisias karuseles Mall of America

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Pirmas Ugnės kompiuteris

Ugnė kalėdoms gauna pirmąjį savą kompiuterį Gateway NV570P10u Touchscreen Laptop.

Gateway NV570P10u Touchscreen Laptop view 1

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80 darbo valandų savaitė - užknisa.

80 darbo valandų savaitė - užknisa.
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